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Fatals Picards

30 septembre, 2006 21:42

De la musique plutôt sympa....



Quoi? j'ai jamais eu d'maman?

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Microsoft Genuine Advantage

30 septembre, 2006 10:12

Starting from this discussion, it appears that it could be removed.

typing "WPA" in emule as keyword will give more informations...

Counterstrike... huggg

28 septembre, 2006 15:11

Do you remember this fucking awesome game? ;)

Enjoy this...

New projects...

25 septembre, 2006 09:15

I just got a few parts from California....


19 septembre, 2006 20:07

Did you know that Wikipedia contains tech articles about engins?

Boost Control

Wasted spark

Knock detecting

Fuel injection

This is not the most complete source, but basis are well explained.

Vespa Gang by Le Frouze

18 septembre, 2006 11:04

As seen on

Let's talk about gearboxes

17 septembre, 2006 10:30

Quaife, in addition to ATB differential, manufactures a 6-speed sequential gearbox, called Q-TEK, that you can adapt to your bug motor using an adaptor: VW 4-cylinder Q233. It will cost you 21'050CHF import tax not included.

I guess you need an explicit autorisation of your bank before burnout...

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Waiting for the sun

16 septembre, 2006 15:51

please don't forget next swiss events, Amibus's meeting in Estavayer, VWspirit monthly meeting... You can find an agenda on the VWspirit homepage.

can't remember the number of Gezuvor's cruise night, but it takes place in Fribourg next week....

owh shit, just remembered I can't be there :(

a little sweetie for the kids:

Nasty Or Stupide?

12 septembre, 2006 18:36

Go double!

08 septembre, 2006 15:20

What a nice update for a turboed motor with pretty large piston... let's say 107mm :)

Revmaster can do it on type 1 heads, for sure... seems to work!

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Migration bis

04 septembre, 2006 23:33

Les différents médias ne sont pas disponibles actuellement.

Je dois réuploader le contenu..............................

Satigny: superbe prise!

03 septembre, 2006 12:48

Fantastique image de la Super Shit Box de Dido prise par Julio de VWSpirit.




Runs de Satigny

03 septembre, 2006 10:40

C'était sympa, mais ce fut un bien mauvais après-midi pour les cox suisses engagées.

Une boîte pétée pour Patrick Panchaud et des problèmes de shifter pour Olivier Dido.

Mais l'ambiance est sympa et les gens toujours impressionnés par les vw. Je mettrai une petite vidéo d'ici un mois.