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Switzerland: home of chocolate AND sweet dubs

18 mai, 2007 19:31

Coming next

12 mai, 2007 15:48

More fun projects

Serial Communication

12 mai, 2007 11:14

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The art of loosing

10 mai, 2007 21:15

"Thank you for your loan request, which we recieved yesterday.

We'd like to inform you that we are accepting your application.
We are ready to give you a $272,000 loan (Approved refinance) for a low month payment. Approval process will take only 1 minute. Please visit the confirmation link below and fill-out our short 30 second form."

These men are sooooo nice with me...

I think I'm going to stop my studies. So Dr. F., I won't be listening to your course tomorrow morning.
ahahahah. snok

1974 : formation of the Ramones

06 mai, 2007 22:53


05 mai, 2007 21:15

Hommage à la SSB!

02 mai, 2007 08:54