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ground zero

23 novembre, 2008 18:29

De Photos pour le blog

Fuel system almost ready, do you like the swiss touch?

22 novembre, 2008 19:03

De Photos pour le blog

Summit order: plumbing & co

17 novembre, 2008 18:36

it's all about money, you know...


For sale

16 novembre, 2008 21:27

W297, never used, 800CHF

Albert mirror, swan neck, new in the box, 300CHF




 front arms, new suspension balls, 200CHF


 Front beam, with torsion leafs, 200CHF

2x front shocks Cofap, 50CHF

Sway Bar clamp kit 20CHF

Solex 32-34 PDSIT-2 NOS, 100CHF


Solex 32-34 PDSIT-3 NOS, 100CHF


 for more informations: nicolas.gobet at

Jetta GLI 1980

16 novembre, 2008 18:35

Alu beam

15 novembre, 2008 21:06

Jesus saves

12 novembre, 2008 22:53

Week is over... that leaves spare time for beer

10 novembre, 2008 16:15

Jetta TX 1983, this week I'm painting my winter car.

09 novembre, 2008 19:10

While other boys are playing with new toys for their car


And we keep on getting more parts for the 66 vwspirit drag

Custom (and low budget) ragtop

06 novembre, 2008 12:23

De vwspirit Drag project 66