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Video European Bug In

02 juillet, 2007 19:59

More swiss pictures from European Bug In in Chimay

02 juillet, 2007 09:48






 and the complete gallery from there.

Back from EBI #1

01 juillet, 2007 23:22

Tomorrow: more pictures and a movie

 You can see 2 swiss guys ont this picture: Léo vs Julio



European Bug-In: swiss vwspirit delegation is leaving at 3am, next stop Chimay, Belgium!

28 juin, 2007 18:54

Site mod: I changed templates to be able to display larger pictures using google picasa

27 juin, 2007 15:41

Lucky bastard

26 juin, 2007 22:58

Today: barnfound!



 This 51 standard has been sitting in this barn for 46 years and has never left Lausanne, Switzerland. It is older than the boats on the "Lac Léman" (and maybe the lac itself?), can you smell it?  huh



 Besides being definitely amazing, this bug also comes with a set of rare goodies...

The guy who bought this beautie is such a lucky man. You too, joint the "hate this man" club and leave a message here



 More informations on the best swiss forum, in french...!


See it in Chimay!!                                                                                                                                sorry kidding... 

Go Hoodride

25 juin, 2007 21:51

Hoodride is still alive.


Go DBD! 


24 juin, 2007 19:48

Summer time: Mike & Lise wedding

11 juin, 2007 22:21



(Lire la suite de l’article)


07 juin, 2007 22:49

(Lire la suite de l’article)

Cudrefin 15 juillet 2007

03 juin, 2007 15:20


02 juin, 2007 11:49

Vous vous souvenez de ça:


On y jouait avec qqch qui resemblait à ça:

(Lire la suite de l’article)

Switzerland: home of chocolate AND sweet dubs

18 mai, 2007 19:31

Coming next

12 mai, 2007 15:48

More fun projects

The art of loosing

10 mai, 2007 21:15

"Thank you for your loan request, which we recieved yesterday.

We'd like to inform you that we are accepting your application.
We are ready to give you a $272,000 loan (Approved refinance) for a low month payment. Approval process will take only 1 minute. Please visit the confirmation link below and fill-out our short 30 second form."

These men are sooooo nice with me...

I think I'm going to stop my studies. So Dr. F., I won't be listening to your course tomorrow morning.
ahahahah. snok