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It's all about polish

01 mars, 2008 16:24



Artwork by Leo 

RIP Mark Herbert

29 février, 2008 14:13

The most famous acvw movie on the web:



I hope we get the parts soon

23 février, 2008 18:41

Rabbit GTI

09 février, 2008 17:37

I'm currently building an engine with vincE for his Rabbit.

He has been driving his car on different hillclimb and races in switzerland for a few years now and he needs a little bit more patatas to make the difference...




So we are fitting some Audi 3A "bubble block" engine parts.







First start

04 février, 2008 00:34

More flowers

28 janvier, 2008 21:52




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Free oval... in fact it's already gone... cooker still available

18 janvier, 2008 09:39

Ca, on le dit pas assez...

04 janvier, 2008 17:53


31 décembre, 2007 13:34

My friend Léo is collecting parts to build a very special engine...

Berg header:



The 2007cc will also get a different Berg-engle camshaft and a set of wild heads.

But the main surprise will be 20 cm higher that these parts....

Follow the evolution of this delicious bug; click on the pic!


Dernier weekend avant le weekend prochain

22 novembre, 2007 18:12

Bien sur, le bus est un peu trop haut, mais je suis bien obligé de faire un peu de pub pour ce p'tit gars qui se lance Wink

Plus sérieusement, cliquez sur la photo pour visiter



 Et la semaine prochaine, une nouvelle fournée de photos de l'avancement sur le drag 66 Tongue out


Aircooled in progress

13 août, 2007 18:05

I'm about to put back together a wild 1600 for my superbeetle.





and I also spend some time on a different kind of vehicle...



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Today: cruise night.... wuuuuuup

29 juillet, 2007 03:53


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Vwspirit meeting 07 is over

17 juillet, 2007 18:49

Pictures by Kekeseb 

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RS engineering

16 juillet, 2007 20:42

Hot 1776 driven by 1200RSR on the right lane
heads by 1200RS
That's masters @ work, lil boy!
More informations 


16 juillet, 2007 18:32

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