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Let's talk about gearboxes

17 septembre, 2006 10:30

Quaife, in addition to ATB differential, manufactures a 6-speed sequential gearbox, called Q-TEK, that you can adapt to your bug motor using an adaptor: VW 4-cylinder Q233. It will cost you 21'050CHF import tax not included.

I guess you need an explicit autorisation of your bank before burnout...

You can also choose to buy a tranny from Hewland. A 5-speed classical design, FT200, will handle 31 kg.m and you still have the sequential option.

This 1303s uses one:

Hewland also builds the Mk9 gearbox, based on the vw case. Price for the 5-speed one looks pretty attractive: 9290 CHF. It handles 25 kg.m.

Or you can choose to explode ~10 rancho pro-street.

For the price of the 2 first, you could also buy ~4 well-built, complete heavy-duty original vw modified 4-speed tranny that will handle all the torque that you have.

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Waouou ! C'est de la boîte d'homme ça

Julien | 17/09/2006, 11:22


en tout cas c'est pas de la boîte d'étudiant

Nico | 17/09/2006, 11:37





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