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Flowers in my hairs : Greenfield Festival 2007

29 mars, 2007 20:21

If you also wish you were a punk rocker, but instead of flowers in your hairs, you do prefer mud & beer, be @ the Greenfield Festival this summer!

15 - 17 June 2007:

The Killers - Incubus - Queen of the Stone Age - My Chemical Romance - The Hives - The Used - Flogging Molly - Me First and the Gimmi Gimmies - Less Than Jake - Die Happy - Reel Big Fish -> not so bad for a swiss festival!

More to come

Don't forget: Beer is your friend!

Rock 'n' roll. [Répondre]

Till death.

Pierrot | 29/03/2007, 23:41

yeah [Répondre]

moi je viens aussi mais je m'occuperai plutôt des bouteilles de flotte ;)
stay loud, stay proud, stay punk

virginie | 29/03/2007, 23:44





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